Lecture 6.1: Playgrounds

In this video prof. dr. Sybille Lammes discusses the space that for most of us will have facilitated our first contact with play: playgrounds! Yes, even playgrounds have a history and are yet another way to help us make sense of the past through play.

Lecture 6.2: Crafting the Past

In this video dr. Angus Mol takes an in-depth look at Minecraft: how it helps us understand the past, engage with the past and even craft the past.

Let’s Play: Pendragon

For this week’s play activity Play Inkle studios’ Pendragon. The game will be provided to you via the Steam accounts of the course. You can begin a new game and play for as long as you want. If you already own the game and want to continue your saved game you are also free to do that!


Politopoulos et al., Romans and Rollercoasters: Scholarship in the digital playground https://journal.caa-international.org/articles/10.5334/jcaa.35/

Fraser and Wilmott, Ruins of the smart city: a visual intervention https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/1470357220919265


This week’s livestreamRoMeincraft Tour at www.twitch.tv/valuefnd

Emma Fraser – Ruin Representations

Write: Vignette

For this week you are asked to prepare a ca. 300 words vignette on Pendragon. For information on how to write a vignette see the general information of the course.