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The Past-at-Play


Together we will answer

How did we play in the past?

How do we play with the past today?

The Past-at-Play Lab is an experimental playspace in which you can join us, researchers and students from Leiden University, to play with and learn about the past and how we relate to it in the present.

We do this by playing and discussing both ancient games from the past and games from the present about the past.

You can join us in our safe, socially distanced playspace at Leiden University’s Humanities Campus for a one-and-a-half hour event in which you can discover and learn about an ancient game…

… or join us for a range of online, playful events and other activities, including Live-Streamed Let’s Plays of historical games on Twitch, online boardgame tournaments and more!

“For many years the conviction has grown upon me that civilization arises and unfolds in and as play.”

Johan HuizingaForeword to Homo Ludens