Welcome to the Legends of Leiden Treasure Hunt by Leiden Ludens!

This hunt is all about the world-renowned alumni of Leiden University. As you travel through town, you will encounter several QR codes like the one you just scanned. They each represent 1 of 7 puzzles related to Leiden legends. You can do the entire tour in one go, or do a puzzle every day – whichever way you prefer! (The QR codes aren’t going anywhere).

Puzzle #6

Thorbecke’s House


Leiden University has many famous alumni under its belt and not only in the sciences. Johan Rudolph Thorbecke was a politician first and foremost. Founder of parliamentary democracy and frontman of Dutch liberalism, he was even on the Leiden city council at one point. He is most famous for writing the Dutch constitution of 1848, which he allegedly did in the back garden of the house in front of you, where he lived.


The puzzle down below is simple in nature: simply deduce the numbers that belong to the icons in order to decipher the set of icons at the bottom. As you may have noticed, these icons are not in order, but they represent the numbers from 0 to 9. Look around! Use your environment to your advantage. All symbols depict something that can be found around you that should help you figure out which means what. We’ve given you a couple of them to help you along.

Good luck!


What number do the framed icons represent?

Type your answer behind the / in the url. Example: pastatplay.com/youranswer.

!!! Please write down each number in alphabetical symbols in the order dictated. E.g.: threefivesixone. Do not use spaces or punctuation marks.