Avoid the Spanish patrols, find the hutspot, and bring it safely back!


Relive the past as you and your friends become the little boy who found the legendary pot of food after the Spanish siege!

Draw your route and then – put action to your words!


During this interactive game, you’ll be given a historical map of Leiden and asked to plan an ‘escape route’ to reach the city gates. On your way there and back you’ll have to take care not to be seen: avoid the Spanish patrols, or they will take the treasure you found at the walls!
The faster and the less you spill, the better your reward!


We’ll run this event twice! Once in April, and once again close to October 3rd!
Keep an eye out for more information!


This game is open to all and works both for groups and for individuals!
Our people speak both English and Dutch, so you can participate as long as you speak either (or both) of those.
Keep in mind that the Burcht is on top of a hill and has bad wheelchair accessibility!


Our home base will be atop the Burcht in Leiden Centrum!
From there, you’ll have to navigate your way to the city gates toward the Zijlpoort (to the East). Here, you’ll pick up the treasured hutspot and make your way back to the Burcht!


You’ll need to let us know that you’ll be playing with us in advance. Otherwise, we can’t prepare your rewards,
and that would be unfortunate!
However, the event itself is free to play!
Just sign up and relive the tale of Cornelis Joppenszoon yourself!

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