An overview of the events we have planned for you!

Legends of Leiden Treasure Hunt

Trek through Leiden at your own leisure, discovering mysteries, solving riddles, and delving into its hidden histories!
Start, stop and continue following the trail of QR codes hidden in plain sight whenever you want.
Will you uncover the city’s secrets, or will you crack under the pressure?
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Burcht Escape

Relive the past as you and your friends become the little boy who found the legendary pot of food after the Spanish siege!
Draw your route and then: put action to your words.
Avoid the Spanish patrols, find the hutspot, and bring it safely back!
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Live-action boardgame

We all love a good family game night, with dice and pawns and yelling across the table.
But what if things were a little… grander than that?
What if you were the pieces, and you win or lose – together?
Come play an ancient boardgame, and discover which family member or friend is the lucky/tactically genius of the group!
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