The weather’s asking for it: Life-Sized games in the park!


Bring your friends, bring your family, and band together to play against other groups just like yours in an ancient board game where you are the game pieces.

This time, you win or lose together!


We will be playing a human-scale version of the Game of Ur in Van der Werff park. Don’t worry if you have never heard of the game – rules will be explained when you get there. To give you an impression of the game you will be playing: it is 5000 years old! An opportunity you don’t want to pass up…


We’ll be making our game-‘table’ in the Van der Werff park, right across from the Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw; Leiden University’s Law Faculty!
Come find us in the park to play a game! But remember, you’ll need friends, family, and rivals!


This particular event is optimised for groups of friends or family of around 5 people! This means that in order to play, it works best if we have 10 people in total.
Since it’s in the park on a flat ‘board’ (also known as the ground), this event is available for everyone.
And because it’s outside, it’s most Covid-safe!


We’ll be available for playing during El Cid introduction week of Leiden University, between the 15-19th of August!
Keep an eye out for finalised dates and times!


You don’t need to buy tickets to play with us. Simply find a group of friends, family, or strangers and claim next game!

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