There sure are a lot of famous Leidenaren!


Whether they were born here or lived here making scientific discoveries, they are forever connected to the city.

Do you know everything about them?


Leiden Ludens has set up a treasure hunt through town, passing famous and less famous locations related to those renowned inhabitants of Leiden.
Along the way, you will be solving riddles and puzzles to the best of your code-cracking knowledge!


Anyone can participate in this treasure hunt! The locations are all easily accessible and no entry fees for cultural locations are required for participation.


The trail of legends will be open during all of 2022, so take your time to finish it. You can finish it all in one go, or leave it and pick it up again later, it’s completely up to you!


The start of the trail will be around the Volkenkunde Museum! Find the sticker with our QR code (example on the right) to receive your first puzzle.
But you need not start here if you don’t want to. It’s a circular trail, and you may jump in at any point!


No tickets will be required for this event, as you’ll be following a laid out trail through all of Leiden at your own leisure.
Start whenever you like, and take all the time you need to solve the mystery!

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Don’t forget your answer sheet before you begin!